Statement of faith

We believe that each individual is valued and worthy of living in freedom.
We believe that there is always a chance and hope for restoration, healing and a new life.
We are convinced that a steadfast community with a complex diversified program offers legitimate
help for the full rehabilitation of women victimized in human trafficking.

Our history

The official establishment of our foundation was preceded by voluntary social work on the streets beginning in 2001. We offered psychological assistance to girls working on the street, listened to them, and periodically brought them small gifts, food and drink.

Anonymous Ways Foundation was founded in 2012, and was registered by the Metropolital Court of Budapest under the number 11598. Our non-profit foundation primarily offers full rehabilitation and reintegration to victims of human trafficking, mainly sexual exploitation and prostitution. Our additional mission is crime prevention. In this area we cooperate with several civic organizations, and our goal is to widen the circle of organizations and churches to partner with in order to represent our shared agenda.

Servants Anonymous Foundation

Our parent foundation is the Canadian Servants Anonymous Foundation, which has been serving the victims of human trafficking and prostitution for 27 years.

The curriculum we currently use was in fact developed by the Canadian program participants
themselves, based on their own experience of restoration.

The programs of SAF have been implemented in a growing number of cities around the globe.

In America: Vancouver, Kelowna, Grande Prairie, Calgary (Canada), New York City, San Diego (USA)
In Europe: Berlin, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart (Germany), Athens (Greece), Sofia (Bulgaria)
In Asia: Kathmandu (Nepal)

Our organizational values

Vison and statement of faith: we are an organization that holds Christian values; we believe in the importance of vision based on servanthood, personal recovery and community.

Integrity: we believe in the importance of developing a 12-step culture in order to facilitate our personal recovery and leadership accountability, but also as a means to relate to the long-term
recovery process of the program participants.

Protecting privacy: we are committed to preserving anomity, claiming that it has a central role in personal recovery as well as ministry. This also includes respecting and valuing oneself and others.

Strong leadership: we demonstrate by our own personal example that meeting others’ needs is our priority. We also believe in holding ourselves accountable.

Proactive initiative: we must create a viable and sustainable organization, by continually expanding our collaboration with other organizations, maintaining our independence, and starting businesses.

Fair working environment: we create fair and equal work conditions and have identical expectations towards each employee and volunteer.

Succession: we provide succession in the organization by ongoing trainings, mentoring and enacting the principle of rotation.

Program Delivery Values

Recovery – on a voluntary basis: we believe that when program participants are ready for lifestyle change, they must be given the chance to enter or re-enter the program, taking ownership of their recovery.

It takes time to heal: we believe that complete recovery is a long-term process and requires patience and tolerance.

Quality of life: the atmosphere of peace and safety/trust promote the quality of life needed to ensure the success of program participants, the same quality of life we desire for ourselves.

Talents are yet to be discovered: we focus on the strengths and successes of program participants
(our programs are based on competency and resiliency)

Skills that need to be taught: we teach job skills and involve women in practical, on the job training experiences.

Teaching parenting skills: these are vital to stop the cycle of abuse in the lives of the participants