We are living in the 21st century, yet slavery is still a reality!

The „Mennyit érsz?” (How much do you worth?) program has been created for us, humans to realize our worthfullness, and to support thosewho help the suffering ones among us.

Mennyit érsz?

(How much do you worth?)

Charity concert

24.05.2019. 7 PM


Hatszín Teátrum

Jókai str. 6., 1066 – Budapest

Approachable by a 3 minutes walk from Oktogon

The night’s hosts are:

Nóra Trokán – actress

Viktor Klem – actor


Performing artists:
Gyémánt Bálint – guitarist, Klem Viktor – actor,
Rohmann Ditta – chellist, Géczi Teodóra – chellist,
Soós Orsolya – violinist, Menyhei Ádám – pianist,
Pulius Tamás – singer and pianist


Advance tickets: 2500 HUF
Tickets on the concert’s day: 2800 HUF
Supporter tickets are available on the venue.

Dear Friend!

In case you can’t come to our concert, but you still wanna support the event
and our Anonymous Ways Foundation, than you can do it on this following Bank account.


Bank account: Unicredit: 10918001-00000020-41860018
IBAN: HU20 1091 8001 0000 0020 4186 0018


Please write in the announcment note the following details: virtuális jegy, together with your email address.
After the concert we send you a short note and some pictures-videos about the evening.


Many thanks! 
Anonymous Ways Foundation

To be traded and betrayed…


The organizers’s aim is not only to raise the awareness
of the life of those among us, who are being enslaved,
sexually exploited and abused, but also to bring focus
on the miracle when a person gets chance,
hope and faith for starting again. One mission
of this concert is to formulate the social perspectives
and opinions regarding the victims.

Think about it:


To express, to share and to stand for the message:
IT WORTHS THE FIGHT, against the massive
victimization of people by this hidden industry!


Now it is on us!