Campaign against human trafficking and sex slavery

Slaves are living among us in the 21st century.
The goal of the event What are you worth? is to raise social awareness and initiate a change of perspective,
which replaces victim accusation with understanding the process of becoming a victim and helping them
break out of this lifestyle and recover.

October 17-22, 2016

The Anti-Trafficking Day of Europe

Mennyit érsz? exhibition and conference

2016. október 17-22.

Poetry slam by Daniel Fata especially for What are you worth? campaign.

Upcoming events

Mennyit érsz? exhibition

2016. október 18-22.

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 15.

Mennyit érsz? conference

2016. október 17-18.

Belügyminisztérium, 1051 Budapest, József Attila utca 2-4.

In Hungary there are 35,600 slaves, but worldwide this number is estimated to be 35.8 million, according to the 2014 data of the Walk Free Foundation. In our country, the most vulnerable groups are the ones living in extreme poverty, women and children, particularly young people growing up in orphanages. Through our What are you worth? campaign, we have been drawing attention to the severe problems affecting our society. On April 29-30, we organized a two-day exhibition and professional forum in order to demonstrate how we can help, what we can do, and how we can fight against human trafficking.

Simultaneously with organizing the exhibition, we launched a Facebook and Instagram campaign, with which we have been trying to reach more target groups. In the campaign, everyday-people and well-known public figures are holding up a sign: the men’s one reads, “Real men don’t buy women”, while the women’s sign proclaims the message, “Not a commodity”.

The exhibition employs full sensory channels in order to demonstrate the steps of becoming a victim, and to show how a person can drift off to slavery. Most frequently victims come from the most vulnerable and exposed circumstances. Traffickers target two main groups: young girls growing up in orphanages who are hungry for love and easy to mislead, and teenagers growing up in rural villages with an absent healthy father figure, who is missing because of alcoholism or death. There are many ways of luring them, including seduction, verbal and physical threats, etc. In our experience, a lot of victims suffered childhood abuse and sexual exploitation at a very early age, therefore they lose a sense of worth concerning their body and sexuality, and are almost predestined for sexual slavery.

Our educational and preventive event was offered to visitors over 14 years of age, with parental permission or adult supervision.

One of the fruits of our preventive efforts is a play entitled I stand for you (Kiállok érted), which was supported by the Norwegian Civil Fund and produced in cooperation with Clowns in Sight (Bohócok a Láthatáron) and K.V. Company (K.V.Társulat). The play holds a mirror up the the harsh reality of becoming a victim. The production is primarily of preventative nature for the vulnerable youth living in orphanages, but anyone can see it as another face of Hungary and the sorry fate of some. For this reason, we wanted the play to be available to the general public as a part of our event.

Apart from raising awareness and developing professional cooperation, our goal is for the visitors of the exhibition to wake up to the seriousness of the issue and see what they can personally do against human trafficking and for the victims of sexual exploitation.